How We Work

Automotive Personnel, LLC is committed to finding the very best personnel for any search assignment.

Our search process includes:

  • Helping prepare a “real world” job description that will act like a roadmap leading to the right candidates.
  • Every search starts with our own proprietary database that we have assembled over the past 20 years. We may already have the best candidates in our file.
  • Networking, leveraging our database to see “who knows who”. This is where the majority of our placements come from. We are always talking to people in your industry.
  • Cold calling. There is no exception; all searches should generate new personnel to augment who we already know.
  • Web search, we post on various web sites and scour the databases of other sources.

This is a very time consuming process, but there is no shortcut to quality.

Most clients come to us when:

  • They need a very strong candidate (average people you can find on your own)
  • Position is confidential
  • Time is of the essence
  • Can not find great candidates from their own efforts, i.e. ads, internal candidates, etc.
  • Numerous positions (30 sales reps needed over the next 6 months)

Please keep in mind that the recruitment process is time consuming when conducted thoroughly. Our:

  • large database
  • extensive network
  • seasoned recruitment staff
  • can greatly reduce the time needed to generate candidates.