Candidates  will turn  down a terrific pay plan offered to them  or ask for a lot more base salary if they don’t   understand, or worse they misunderstood, the variable portion.

Present a pay plan like we do and you will end this problem !

Address variable compensation with:

  1. Show candidate what the pay plan will yield based on the trailing 12 months .
  2. Then let them know that you are looking for an improvement, (let’s go with 10%). With a 10% improvement  your variable will be  $X +
  3. Over perform at 15% and variable will be $X ++

Now your candidate will understand the base and variable and can do accurate mental calculations.   If they are a high performer they will see themselves performing at the higher level.

Donald Jasensky
Founder and CEO of Automotive Personnel, LLC
[email protected] 216-226-8190