The four components needed to align for a successful hire:

  1. Qualified
  2. Highly interested
  3. Available
  4. Affordable 

I want you and your hiring managers to learn to think like this.

1- Qualified – Do the candidates have the experience and capacity to excel in your position? Are certain traits required to ensure success in this position, such as attention to detail, ability to sell, great with numbers, etc.?

 TIP: Make sure you and your hiring managers make a list of “required” and “would be nice to have” traits and experiences before starting a search.

2 – Highly interested candidates – Strong enough interest to put in their notice, not take counter-offer, and do whatever is necessary to start with your organization. Assume if they are a good employee, there will be a counter-offer.

TIP: High-performing candidates will want to know how this position will benefit their careers. You and your hiring managers need to sell the reason for taking this position with your organization. Sell the candidates on the opportunity, your corporate mission, the team they will be joining, how they will impact the company, and where the position can lead. Have them meet the department leader, who will be their mentor.  High-performing employees will often make a “lateral move” for a better mentor.

 3 – Available – Is there a contract or non-compete or other commitments to keep them from starting with you? Non-competes can be a deal-breaker. What about bonuses the candidate is waiting on before putting in their notice? These, too, can be a deal-breaker. If it is September and the candidate is waiting for a year-end bonus that pays in January, the hiring company may not be willing to wait that long. Other availability issues we commonly see include the ability to travel as needed or relocate. Also, the daily drive may be too much for a candidate.

TIP:  Always create a list of “Knockout Factors” before beginning your search.

* Are you and your hiring managers thinking like this? *

4 –  Affordable – Within your budget and not out of line with other employees in the same position. You do not want to cause an issue with current employees; however, it is a judgment call if you should give a high-performing candidate more money than others.

TIP: When explaining your compensation plan, make sure it is understandable to the candidate. Your bonuses/commissions may be based on similar but different criteria, and candidates may misunderstand, or worse, misunderstand your plan and turn it down. Click here to check out “How we present a pay plan that will be accepted.”  

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I hope this gives you and your hiring managers a better perspective of the four elements that need to align to have a successful hire.

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