”Position Differential” and why it matters

 One of the questions we ask our clients is: Why should a potential candidate consider:

  • taking a position with your company,
  • putting in their 2-week notice, and
  • turning down a counteroffer from their current employer?

 People change positions for a reason, usually something is missing from their current position that can be better accommodated with your position. This is referred to as “Position Differential.” It is imperative to be able to “sell the benefits” of working for your company. And, it is seldom for more money.

Here are a few thoughts to consider:

  • What is the potential to grow their career with your company?
  • What will they learn, skills they will develop with your company?
  • Who will they report to, and will this leader be a good mentor and help develop the candidate?
  • What else stands out about working for your company?

 This is all a part of the “sales” component of recruiting high-performing candidates.

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