Replace the “weak link” on your management team 

  A decision that every leader has to make is when to “replace a weak link” on your staff.

It is always a difficult decision because it means that an employee will likely be terminated or demoted. However, a leader has to see the big picture and make the best decisions for the organization. That is why we say it is lonely at the top! It sometimes is very lonely.

This is especially true in challenging times:

  • Weak economy

. High-interest rates

  • Over-valued used vehicles
  • Growing repossession and default rate
  • Poor loan portfolio performance

So, when do you upgrade to a better employee? Thirty-plus years of personnel recruitment have taught me that the wrong answer is – “When a better person comes along”!

That leaves the position’s success to chance or fate but not intelligent management.

The better answer can depend on circumstances, but a general guideline is to consider “upgrading” when an employee is incapable or unwilling to perform up to the company’s needs. Insubordination, disruptive behavior, and bad personal habits are other common reasons employees are terminated.

Before replacing an employee, I advise a checklist that covers these points: 

  • Does the employee need more training?
  • Better oversight?
  • A Mentor to work with?
  • More support?

Do you have the ability to provide these if needed?

Time to Upgrade:

When these are exhausted, it may be time to consider upgrading to a better employee.

I see many executives who should replace a manager who is in “over their head” or has personal issues hurting their performance, affecting other employees and, of course, the company’s bottom line!

Remember, it is lonely at the top, and tough decisions sometimes must be made.

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Don Jasensky


Automotive Personnel, LLC