Professional On-boarding

You see more emphasis put on “on-boarding” new employees.

Basically, making sure there is a smooth and as seamless as possible start for a new employee.

We highly recommend having a lunch or dinner meeting with the new employee sometime between their giving current employee their notice and getting started with you. This helps cement the relationship and reduces their chance of accepting a counteroffer.

Best practices we would like to share with you:

Onboarding helps set the professional tone for a new hire and creates a terrific first-day impression. (Validating their career change)

Prior to first day start

  • Where to go for 1st day and address
  • Who to ask for – make sure that person is prepared for the new hire
  • Time to arrive
  • Parking arrangements
  • Acceptable attire
  • Lunch protocol
  • Culture tips that may be unique to the workspace
  • How and when pay is distributed
  • Details about paperwork that needs to be filled out
  • Any identification that is needed such as driver’s license, professional credentials

First day on the job:

  • Introduce the new member to your team
  • Show new hire where everything is – bathrooms, lunchrooms, meeting rooms, their work area
  • All necessary paperwork, documentation, healthcare forms, etc.
  • Make sure new hire has everything needed and in place to perform their work, (such as computer information)

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